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Pacific celebrates love and friendship

Lifelong friendships begin and grow during their time at Pacific, and for some--romance blossoms into lifelong partnerships

For more than 165 years, University of the Pacific has prepared its gradates for personal and professional success in their lives and careers. And those lives and careers are enriched by the deep friendships that begin and are cultivated and grow as students study, participate in recreational activities and live together in residential communities during these life-changing college years. 

Tafa Jefferson and Chad Fotheringham

Fa'Tafa Jefferson '97 and Chad Fotheringham '97 were teammates in Pacific's football program and classmates in the Eberhardt School of Business. They met as freshmen on the football field and connected in their business classes for entrepreneurial ventures, including becoming founding members of the campus entrepreneurship club. Going separate ways after graduation, they reconnected in 2007 and started Amada senior home care business that has expanded to more than 65 franchise locations nationwide.        

And for many students down through the years until today, their friendships blossom into lifelong romances.  

George and Rosemary TchobanoglousStarry-eyed freshmen Rosemary Ash '57 and George Tchobanoglous '58 met during freshman orientation in fall 1953 at an evening Tiger Tail dance. The girls put "Tiger Tags" with their names in a bucket for the guys to draw a partner. George drew Rosemary's tag for the first dance, which was the start of a relationship that grew steadily from friendship to love. They married two weeks after Rosemary graduated in 1957 and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last summer.
Jonathan Low and Shivani BhattCaitlin Odorfer and Clay Ostrander wedding

Jonathan Low '15 and Shivani Bhatt '21  (left) first met volunteering at one of Pacific's "Give Kids a Smile" dental outreach clinics and have been inseparable since.

It was a celebration of love and friendship when Clay Ostrander '10 and Caitlin Odorfer '07 (right) were married in October 2016 with 15 other Tiger friends there to share the moment.

Nearly every weekend of the year, students, alumni and community members will celebrate their marriage at Pacific's beautiful Morris Chapel in the filtered light of its stately stained glass windows. For more than 75 years, Morris Chapel has been a favorite wedding venue for Pacificans and for Stocktonians and beyond.   

Morris Chapel wedding altarMorris Chapel wedding interiorMorris Chapel Wedding

Whether you're celebrating a lifelong friendship, partnership or marriage, University of the Pacific wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day.