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Undergraduate Student Scholarships and Grants

You Have Worked Exceptionally Hard, Now Let Us Reward You.

University of the Pacific provides a comprehensive Financial Aid program investing in your success and degree at Pacific.

Scholarships are supported by contributions made by Pacific benefactors who deeply believe in the value of a Pacific education and are determined by a holistic review of your work and achievements. 

Students admitted to Pacific are automatically considered for an Academic Merit Scholarship. It is recommended to complete your application for admission by:

  • Freshmen students who apply by January 15th
  • Transfer students who apply by March 1st 

Note: Applications for some scholarships may be due before January 15th and all Institutional Scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds. 

Academic Merit Scholarships

For All Incoming Fall 2018 Freshmen & Transfer Students

For Incoming Freshmen

Academic Merit Scholarships are a four-year commitment, renewable each year based on GPA maintenance requirements. Scholarships are determined holistically, with factors such as High-School attended, curriculum rigor, extracurricular activities, leadership, and demonstrated interest all being factors.

Please select any of the below scholarships for an overview of general requirements: 

Powell Scholarship           

$40,000 (annually) 

$160,000 (four-year value)

Regent's Scholarship

$20,000 (annually)

$80,000 (four-year value)

President's Scholarship $16,000 (annually) $64,000 (four-year value)
Provost's Scholarship $12,000 (annually) $48,000 (four-year value)
Pacific Scholarship $10,000 (annually) $40,000 (four-year value)


For Incoming Transfer Students 

Tri-County Transfer Scholarship           $16,000 (annually)     $32,000 (two-year value)            
Distinguished Scholarship  $14,000  (annually) $28,000 (two-year value)

* Eligible Tri-County Transfer Scholarship & Distinguished Scholarship recipients shall be directly transferring from one of the six local community colleges listed below:

  • San Joaquin Delta College
  • Modesto Junior College
  • Cosumnes River College
  • Sacramento City College
  • Folsom Lake College
  • American River College

Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship

$14,000 (annually)   

$28,000 (two-year value)      

Transfer Achievement Scholarship $12,000 (annually) $24,000 (two-year value)

* Eligible Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship or Transfer Achievement Scholarship recipients will be transferring from colleges other than the above mentioned six Tri-County Partner Institutions.

* Transferable credits are welcomed from ALL colleges.

Additional Scholarships & Grants for Freshmen and Transfer Students

*Separate Application Required 

Pacific Grant   (based on FASFA results) Up to $15,000  
Music Grant (Conservatory)  Varies 
Excellence in Performance Scholarship (Conservatory) Up to $12,000
Federal Pell Grant Up to $5,645    
Federal SEOG  Varies from $250-$550
Cal Grant  Up to $9,084 
Athletics Scholarship Varies 
Yellow Ribbon Program Scholarship  up to 50% of tuition cost
International Student Scholarships $10,000
Pacific Legal Scholars Scholarship Up to $3,000
UOP International Student Scholarships Up to $15,000
Pacific Forensics (Speech & Debate) Scholarship up to $15,000
Community Involvement Program Scholarship (CIP)  Varies 
Thomas J. Long School Foundation (Core) Scholarship $3,000
Bishop's Scholarship $5,000
United Methodist Scholarship Varies 
MESA Scholarship  Varies 
Valley First Credit Union Scholarship $1,000
Oak Park Scholarship  Varies 
Education Abroad Scholarships Varies
Pacific Fellowships Varies 
Art & Graphic Design Scholarships Varies 
Geological & Environmental Sciences Scholarships Varies
Latin American Studies Scholarships Varies
Undergraduate Research Grants  Up to $3,000

Scholarships by College/School

Please select one of the below links for College/School specific scholarship opportunities: 

College of the Pacific Scholarships 

School of Engineering and Computer Science Scholarships 

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education Scholarships 

Conservatory of Music Scholarships

Non-Pacific Related Scholarship Resources 

Information About Scholarship Search Databases

  • There are many scholarship opportunities online.
  • Please use caution when submitting your personal information to an organization.
  • To learn about how to identify scholarship scams, please visit

For information about scholarships from sources other than Pacific, check with your high school or community college counselor. Also, be sure to access one of the free online scholarship search sites, such as:

In addition to researching the legitimacy of a scholarship, here are a few more tips:

  1. Never pay money or keep a credit card number "on file" to apply for a scholarship.
  2. Make sure to read over all of the eligibility requirements before you start the application.
  3. Send a Thank You note when appropriate.