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University of the Pacific Libraries

University Library
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


For information on the library renovation, see the University Library Re-visioning SharePoint site.  

Library Renovation Goals

  1. BUILD STUDENT LEARNING SPACES: Create enhanced space for students and learning by consolidating library stacks, as well as improving information discovery, access, and use. Locate integrated service desks, digital technology commons, and Special Collections in more prominent locations. Design flexible and versatile spaces that build community, foster inquiry, and make learning visible. Reveal the natural beauty of the campus through intentional indoor-outdoor connections.
  2. DELIVER ACADEMIC LIBRARY SERVICES: Design spaces that enhance user experience of research collections, education services, technology commons, consultation services, and learning spaces. Co-locate library faculty and staff to further collaborative activities and improve workflows. Create partnerships with other student academic success providers within spaces designed to catalyze collaborations through intentional adjacencies. Create spaces to foster interaction between students and faculty in the library.
  3. ENHANCE FACULTY DEVELOPMENT SPACES: Design well-equipped, highly flexible Center for Teaching and Learning spaces which foster faculty exploration and development of learner-centered teaching practices and pedagogical and technological experimentation. Create naturally inviting, permeable spaces which inspire and nurture interdisciplinary collaboration, and support faculty individual and group work.
  4. FACILITATE STUDENT ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Make learning resources and learning services in the Stockton Campus Library visible and accessible. Create an integrated service area for physical and virtual delivery of 3-city student academic support programs. Brand co-located academic writing, library research, mathematics development, and peer tutoring services as Student Academic Success Hub.