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What is RIO?

RIO is a three week workshop offered by CAPS that focuses on Recognition, Insight and Openness. It is specifically designed for college students to develop a foundational awareness to handle their emotional concerns.  Many students who attend RIO report that they have gotten all of their therapy needs met through these workshops. Each workshop focuses on teaching stress management skills and tools that can help build insight into their own concerns and values. 

RIO Learning Objectives

  • To help you gain a deeper understanding of your issue;
  • To help you become aware of your moment-to-moment experiences;
  • To help you take the first steps toward becoming more open and accepting of your experiences; and
  • To help you create a roadmap of change based on your personal values and goals.

When is RIO Offered?

Each RIO workshop is offered multiple times a week throughout the semester. Our last RIO 1 workshop for Spring will be offered the week of April 17 so that you are able to attend all 3 workshops before the end of the semester.

Please see the below calendar to find a time that works with your schedule. The workshops are color coded with RIO 1 in yellow, RIO 2 in blue, and RIO 3 in green. We ask that you attend the workshops in numerical order; however, you are also welcome to repeat a workshop if you find it particularly helpful. Please pre-register for these workshops by calling 209.946.2315 x2 and speaking with our office coordinator, Jody Rodriguez.

RIO workshops offered in Spring semester 2018. Call 209.946.2315 x2 if you need a verbal version of this calendar