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Latino Community Outreach
Raymond Lodge
Dr. Inés Ruiz-Huston
Latino Community Outreach Coordinator

Latino/a Community Outreach

Welcome to El Centro at Pacific!  

The Latinx Outreach and Academic Resource Center's, or El Centro, is to assist in recruiting new undergraduate students, build mutual beneficial partnership with community organizatoins, connecting students to internal and external resources, advising Latinx-focused students groupsm and in planning and developing rich and relevant programming around Latina/o/x themes an issues. El Centro also helps the University's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, national/international education and cross-cultural understanding. 

El personal de La Oficina de Alcance de Comunidad Latina está dedicado a los estudianteslatinos de reclutar y retener a los estudiantes chicanos/latinos en la Universidad del Pacíficopromoviendo al mismo tiempo nuestra cultura. La oficina también representa a la Universidad durante noches de Universidad, ferias de carrera, visitas escolares y otros programasinformativos. La oficina es el puente y el centro de la comunidad local y las organizacionescomunitarias latinas. Nos involucramos activamente en un diálogo significativo con comunidades de hispanos regionales para desarrollar iniciativas concretas y programáticas para servir mejor a los estudiantes hispanos/latinos y sus comunidades. Buscamos la manera en que la Universidad únicamente puede asociarse para el mejoramiento de nuestras comunidades. Nos esforzamos por promover la cooperación productiva entre la gente de las Américas a través de iniciativas creativas.

Upcoming Events 2017

Bienvenidos Week

August 20 - Carne Asada & Cornbread:  Invite your family and friends to accompy fellow students and staff for a delicious Latin American and soul food meal. 

August 21 - Pacific in Yosemite: Come and explore the great outdoors with us on a hike and barbeque. Afterwards, join us for ice cream, ice breakers, and other fun activites. 

August 22 - Pacific in Stockton: Join students and staff for a tour of the campus and of Stockton that is specific to the history of the Latinx and African American students.

August 23 - Pacific in San Francisco: Come along for a tour of University of the Pacific's San Francisco campus, and join us as we visit other exciting locations that San Francisco.

August 24 - Pacific in Sacramento: Come along for a tour of University of the Pacific's Sacramento campus, and join us as we visit other exciting locations that Sacramento.

August 26 - Summer Blowout: Come to the Lair and dance the night away with us surrounded by salsa, raggae, rap, hip hop and other genres of music of both past and present.

August 27: La Pulga (Flea Market) & Fiesta de Futbol: Come in the morning to see what you may find at our local flea market. Then, bring your class schedule to be shown where your classes are, followed by tailgating party that leads up to an amazing men's soccer game against Cal State Bakersfield

For questions or concerns please contact Dr. Ines Ruiz-Huston (iruiz@pacific.edu) or call Pacific Latinx Community Outreach and Resource Center "El Centro": 209-946-7655. 

***NOTE: El Centro open Monday-Thursday from 8 - 6 pm.  Fridays 8-5pm.

January 2017 Immigration Information Session: Know Your Rights 


14th Annual Student Financial Aid and College Awareness Workshop

The Student Finacial Aid & College Awareness Workshop sponsored by the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be on Sunday, January 29, 2017.  All students and families are welcomed, grades 6-12.  Multiple languages available to assist Seniors with filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  For more information call Latino Community Outreach Office (209) 946-7705.  Registration begins after January 1, 2016. Doors open at 8:00am and program begins at 9:00am.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce El Concilio HACU LULAC Migrant Education NCLR

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