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Human Resources

Human Resources is here to serve our community of educators in Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco. Our role is to identify and support the employment-related needs of our faculty and staff, job seekers and especially our students. Please contact us any time.

What's New for You

»  Important Information Regarding Changes in "Weight Watcher At Work Meetings" After careful consideration, Weight Watchers have decided to end "At Work Meetings" as of next Tuesday, May 30th due to low attendance.  To help ensure that your Weight Watchers' experience is uninterrupted - and to support your weight loss journey during this transition, please visit the meeting finder at www.weightwatchers.com to find locations and directions for a community meeting close to your workplace or home.  There is no disruption in your billing cycle or in employees' memberships ... the only change is that the onsite meetings are suspended after the meeting on May 30th.   If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so online or by calling 866-204-2885 and referencing the University of the Pacific client ID number. And keep in mind that, in the future if a minimum of 15 employees have a renewed interest at workplace, Weight Watchers will welcome the opportunity to bring Weight Watchers At Work meetings back to Pacific.   Please contact Human Resources should you have any questions.

» New Manager Development session for Pacific supervisors and managers. Pacific's "Performance Management for Supervisors & Managers" will equip supervisors and managers with immediate solutions to typical and complex challenges including:

  • Reviewing University tools and resources to increase your effectiveness as a manager
  • Establishing expectations & goal setting
  • Managing struggling employees & holding people accountable
  • Coaching conversations & appropriate documentation practices
  • Creating an action plan to identify how specifically you will manage your team's performance

Supervisors and Managers will participate in an interactive daylong session led by Kyra Cavanaugh of Life Meets Work. Lunch provided, limited dates and seating. Registration information available:

  • Wednesday, June 21 - (9:00 am - 5:00 pm): Stockton
  • Thursday, June 22 - (9:00 am -5:00 pm): San Francisco


» Performance Review Training - Performance Reviews are due to HR on July 1st every year. HR and L+D are offering trainings for staff and managers beginning on March 21st through May 11th. To review dates and register, click on the following links:  For Managers: Preparing and Delivering Effective Performance ReviewsFor StaffTrack Your Success: Preparing For Your Performance Review.

Departments/groups may also reach out directly to Cari Keller (ckeller@pacific.edu) for manager sessions or Kristina Ordanza (kordanza@pacific.edu) for staff sessions. (4/27/2017)

» Important Changes to Disability Coverage. See related brochures for more infomation:


»The Staff Handbook has temporarily been removed from the University's website and is under revision.   The revision should be complete on September 1, 2017.   Should you have any questions in the meantime, please refer to the Policies and Procedures website.  If you are unable to find answers to your questions there, please contact your campus Human Resources Department. Contact Stockton at 209-946-2124, San Francisco at 415-929-6468 or Sacramento at 916-739-7031 for resources and guidance. Click here for more details.

»Internal job application - Effective immediately, we are eliminating the "short" application in PeopleAdmin. Pacific values its employees and our managers understand the advantages of promoting our own employees. Internal applications do not include work history, dates of employment, supervisor information and reasons for leaving.  This puts our internal candidates at a huge disadvantage compared to external candidates who complete a full and comprehensive application.  HR has posted a document called Applying for Jobs Internally; Considering Internal Applicants which includes tips for applying and interviewing and illustrates the value to promoting internal candidates. Click here for more details.

Email Greg Walters at gwalters@pacific.edu with any questions.

»Speeding up Hiring Processes - Managers' Choice - Currently, hiring managers of non-union staff must post jobs internally for a minimum of five days before posting and advertising externally.  Effective immediately, managers may now choose to post internally or go straight to an external posting to which internal applicants may apply.   Those who post internally only and find someone can hire quickly with minimal expense and promote a valued University employee.  If a manager goes externally first, they save five days they currently have to wait for the internal posting period. 

The climate survey and our exit interviews tell us that our staff deeply value the opportunity to grow within the University and earn promotions.  HR will always encourage managers to look for and hire our own if it makes sense to do so for that particular position. Click here for more details.(4/4/2017)

»Staff Compensation Study Questions/Comments/Suggestions - Perhaps you have gone to HR's Staff Compensation Study website and read the frequently asked questions. Now you have questions that you cannot find answer, or you have comments and suggestions - to whom and where do you address these. HR has setup a dedicated email address for this purpose. We encourage you to send your questions, comments or suggestions to staffcompstudy@pacific.edu and we will try to respond within a week. (3/27/2017)

» Pacific values its employees and loves to see them grow within the University. This document includes tips and suggestions for both applying for jobs internally and for managers looking to hire an existing University employee. (3/21/2017)

» Search Committee Training
Hiring managers and search committee chairs and members can maximize their chance of the perfect hire with a deeper understanding University of the Pacific's search process and tips and strategies to find the best person. Additionally, knowing their responsibilities under the University's Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer (AA/EOE) plans if important to their success. The Search Committee Training is designed to do these things. The orientation consists of understanding your role as a search committee member, a review of the applicant tracking in PeopleAdmin, selection criteria, anti-bias awareness, interviewing skills, reference checking, and more. It also fulfills the University's legal compliance requirements under AA and EEO. The training program takes under one hour and Human Resources recommends it for the first meeting of the search committee for the open position in question. Please contact your Human Resources Department for more information on scheduling a training. As a reminder, we have updated information on Hiring and Section under Manager Resources on our website. (3/21/2017)

» Staff Years of Service Announcement - Save the Date! - Mark your calendar and plan to attend the luncheon:

-Stockton: Thursday, May 25th, on Knoles Lawn from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  We will celebrate staff members' milestones, and we also will be announcing the two recipients of the Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award.

-Sacramento: Tuesday, May 30th **time and location TBA

-San Francisco: Wednesday, June 21st, in Room 113 (Dorfman Hall), starts at 12:00pm


» 2017 Call for Nomination Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award - The Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award recognizes one non-exempt and one exempt staff member on the Stockton Campus who have made significant and meaningful contributions to Pacific. The nomination period is March 1 through April 14, 2017. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit nominations. (2/23/2017)

» Procedure for on the job injuries - When an employee is injured on the job they must follow the proper procedures to ensure they are sent to the appropriate medical facility and the claim is filed in the correct manner. Please click here for more information. (2/23/2017)

» University to perform a comprehensive internal audit of the Employment Eligibility Verification form I-9.
University of the Pacific, in an effort to ensure compliance with federal employment laws, is conducting an extensive internal audit of our Employment Eligibility Verification form I-9 across the three campuses. Pacific is required to have a completed I-9 form on file for all employees. This includes regular full-time and part-time staff, faculty, temporary casual employees and students. The employer will be assessed significant fines for incomplete or missing I-9 forms.  

In the next few months, Human Resources will review and identify forms missing or incomplete.  HR will notify the employee and request assistance in correcting an error or incomplete information.  Please assist us with corrections or omissions as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, Human Resources will provide additional information on the audit process and results when completed. (2/22/2017)

» Annual Staff Performance Reviews - Supervisors, to help make this process successful for you and your employees, Human Resources will offer one-hour open sessions on all three campuses to provide guidance for performance review conversations. Schedule details are forth coming. (2/14/2017)